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General Medical Portals
Meta Directories in Medicine
Clinical Medicine Portals & Databases
Government Databases in Medicine & Health
Medical Search Engines
Research Databases

General Medical Portals
About - Health & Fitness
NOAH: Health Topics and Resources Health Resource Web Site
Discovery Health: Resources and News for the Public - Guide to Diseases, Disorders and Chronic Illness
Health A to Z: Family Health Information Site
Health On the Net Foundation: Portal for Medical Resources News and Information Portal News and Information for the Public
Health & Well-Being from iVillage General Public Portal
Healthtouch Online: Public Health Information Portal Health and Medical Topical Information Medical Information Finder
Med Help International: The Patient Medical Information Center
Medconnect: Professional Resources in Medicine Diseases, Procedures, Medications, Glossaries
NOAH: New York Online Access to Health
WebMD - Health Information Portal
Yahoo! Health: General Portal for Public Information

Meta Directories in Medicine
Emory MedWeb: Health and Medical Resource Menu
Hardin MD: Hardin Meta Directory of Internet Health Sources
HealthlinkUSA: Resources by Disorders and Topics
HealthWeb: Information Categorized by Medical Specialties Health and Medical Information Center General Medical Portal

Clinical Medicine Portals & Databases Information for the Clinical Trials Industry
Doctor's Guide: Medical Information Super Portal, Inc. - World Medical Library Medical Condition Search Portal
Martindale's Health Science Guide
Medical Matrix
MedMark Master Directory: Medical Bookmarks
MedNets: An International Medical Resource
Medscape: The Medical Information Supersite
Medsite: Medical Books, Information, CME, and Practice Data
Medsurf: Physician Resource Site in Clinical Medicine
OMNI Health & Medicine Gateway from the UK
Physician's Guide to the Internet
Virtual Hospital

Government Databases in Medicine & Health
Combined Health Information Database (CHID), US
Entrez-PubMed from the National Library of Medicine
Healthfinder: A US Government Public Medical Resource
Medlineplus: Health Information from the National Library of Medicine
National Library of Medicine, US: Resource Links

Medical Search Engines
Google Medical Portal and Search Engine

Research Databases
Infomine Medical Resources from the University of California
Internet Public Library: Health & Medical Resources
Karolinska Institute: Diseases, Disorders and Related Topics

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