Founders is owned by Healthnostics, Inc., a publicly traded company (symbol HNSO). It was founded and created by experienced content and site developers in the medical field, under the direction of Daniel R. Goldenson and Jean Seok. This is a sister site to MedBioWorld, a site oriented to medical and biotechnology professionals that is visited more than 3 million times annually by physicians, researchers, and librarians.

A detailed study was undertaken to examine the nature of the content available at the major consumer health portals. Particular attention was paid to site similarities and differences and site strengths and weaknesses. The overriding conclusion from our research was that there was extensive, but not always authoritative coverage of well-known health conditions and popular issues. There was little assistance available to steer the consumer/patient to more information reliable major medical organizations, government health and medical information sources, associations, publications, and databases.

As a consequence, this new site was planned around the concept of selecting access points to the best information on every possible health and medical subject from all over the Internet, including primary and secondary sources that we believe to be reliable and up-to-date. The greatest focus, however, is on information from federal government health and medical databases.

Proprietary Search Engine
To assure that visitors are only exposed to reliable information, a proprietary search engine was created. It draws only from the thousands of databases compiled by every federal government agency involved in medicine and health — not just the National Institutes of Health and the Centers for Disease control and Prevention, but from more than 200 agencies, offices, centers, divisions, and departments across the Federal government.

Medical Reference Section
For further reference convenience, a Reference Section has been created in the left column of the Web site with links to sources on everything from procedures to statistics, from glossaries to libraries.

Intended Audience is intended for all ages and stages of life. It is organized by Focus Groups and Health Issues, giving immediate access to the information of interest to the visitor. The search engine, in particular, will bring up sources from government databases that are easy to understand, and are complete and up-to-date.

Consult Your Physician Before Health Decisions
Because is a general informational site, and because individual medical and health circumstances vary considerably, all decisions regarding medical action should be made in consultation with a physician. This site is not designed to provide medical advice of any kind, just informative resources on every possible topic. Access our Site Disclaimer here.

Give Us Your Feed-Back
E-mail us using our Contact Link at the top right of the site. We depend upon feed-back from our audience to make this site as useful as it can be. Give us suggestions for topics, issues, and other content that you would find beneficial.

Good luck, and enjoy this new Web Community.

Page updated 10/23/2007